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We are participant team in The Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 (TEAM KSU). King Saud University has joined the selected group of 22 teams that will compete to design, build, and operate a sustainable house that is energetically self-sufficient.



We are continuously working innovatively to design the solar house. We are required to provide detailed design, provide detailed construction documents, and communicate the design to the public and the competition organization.



We are developing the house on campus at King Saud University. The Project is led by College of Engineering, however, many other colleges are participating in the team including, College of Architecture and College of Agriculture and many others.



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Decathlon Contests

“The ten contests will follow the lines of those in previous edition of the competition. These contests will have the necessary customization to challenge the teams to adapt their designs to the heat, dust and high humidity that we experience during part of the year.”

Description taken from SDME2018 website


To assess the coherence of the design, the flexibility of space, the integration of technologies in architecture and the incorporation of energy efficient strategies. To assess the general coherence of the projects and its alternates in relation with spatial and environmental factor of MENA region.

Engineering and Construction

To assess the construction and engineering systems design merit and implementation. Teams will have to demonstrate the higher level of functionality of the house structure, envelope, electricity, plumbing, HVAC and solar system design and construction, its safety, viability and adequate integration of them in the project.

Energy Management

Evaluate the houses’ electrical energy self-sufficiency, management and reduction of energy consumption, electrical energy efficiency, efficiency of all the house components and their own solar energy consumption. Assess homes’ energy consumption and energy balance. Assess network load management and limitation of peak power.

Comfort Conditions

To assess the capacity for providing interior comfort through the control of temperature, humidity, acoustic, lighting and the quality of the interior air.

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation contest in the Solar Decathlon Middle East simulates the driving patterns of a typical household. In this contest, teams should drive an electric vehicle charged from their house electric system several times during the competition.

House Functioning

To evaluate the house functionality and the efficiency of the selected appliances, in order to maximize the performance of the house, while complying with the demanding standards of present day society.


To evaluate the skillful and the environmental sensibility of the teams (house design, techniques, systems and components) to attain the maximum reduction of negative environmental impact, during the house components manufacturing, the construction phase, the building’s live and demolition.

Vegetation and hardscaping

To measure the constructed surfaces ability to stay cool in the sun by reflecting solar radiation and emitting thermal radiation.


To assess the teams communication capacity to find creative, effective and efficient ways (adapted to each target group, avoiding any exclusion) of transmitting the Competition relevant topics (sustainability, innovation and energy efficiency) as well as those ideas that define the team’s and project’s own identity.


To evaluate the innovation degree of the house in the preceding contests, focusing on emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in the house, in its systems or in its components, which increase its value and/or improve its performance and efficiency.


Every contribution is effective. No matter how small it is. We are looking for sponsors and collaborators in this project.